Contributing Writer

Gerardo Alvarado

Contributing Writer

Gerardo is a lawyer, teacher, writer, translator, and interpreter.

As a teacher, he has worked for some of the most important Universities in Mexico for more than twenty years before founding one of the first online Universities in the country.

He has written more than 200 articles for various publications on education, human rights, history, and public policy. He also published “Entre la Locura aparente y la gloria etérea” and has ghostwritten several books and memoirs.

As a translator and interpreter he has participated in several international events, he interpreted for the British delegation in Mexico during the event “Twinning of cities: British Miners in Mexico”.
He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law with postgraduate studies in Criminal Law from the Autonomous University of Hidalgo, in Mexico and earned a Master’s degree from the University of La Salle in Education.

He has taken over 50 courses on writing, education, law, social studies, history and, politics. Some of his other passions include riding, rock climbing, electric skateboarding, reading, traveling, and being a committed father to his two little boys.